Personal World, so fundamental
So important for us, as individuals
And so necessary for us to survive,
Always thoughts,
That come and go,
That we’re not obliged
To loudly express,
That are ours and only ours,
Individualism thrives.
Call this, personal inner life
Or vibrations, never still
That influence your will
Your surroundings and your,
Individual skills.
No government,
Made up of lying tangles
And theories that arrange
For our demise,
Has a right to entre
The sacred grounds
Of individual rights,
Individual minds
And yet they’re trespassed
Everyday, thinking that the
Individual does not matter
They see us as a voting
For Them that’s all that matters
And that we all should follow
Without questioning
Government’s fatal, lying
And destructive chatter!
So protect your special space,
The Individual wins the race.
We’re born, ideologically free
For us to chose a decent
Way of life,
Where no one will abuse
Governmental power,
Must never be absolute
For once given this power
They will abuse it as much
As we always, see!
It’s hard,but remember,
Don’t sell your soul
To the Devil,
For some shinny lies,
Stand on your own two feet
Protect, fight for Liberty
And above all else,
Remain Individually Free!

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