In your lovely holy garden,
During all festivals and days,
With orange blue and violet
Feather of peacock with thirst,
We offer a great motherly prayer.
Before Christmas and New Year,
We gather again and pray you,
For the great world of peace,
For rain of love and mercy,
We offer our prayer of joy,
Oh dear God, giving us light,
You nourish a glorious motherhood!
Quality of motherhood we inherit
We inherit this from you dear God,
Sacrificing through sacredness,
We promise to spread your words
Across this globe by power of you,
Obeying your command at each moment,
Through eternal essence of motherhood
We proceed to serve with devotion.
By your mercy and wisdom you guide us.
Heil, oh dear greatest Lord of Universe,
With due respect all creatures saying heil!
They heil universal motherhood often,
Saying heil mothers of universe! Heil!
As you accept this motherly prayer,
We are graciously empowered with values.
© Kumarmani Mahakukl,19 December 2018. All rights reserved.

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