the life I used to lead,
yet now after fruitless searches
I find a dream that is impossible,
I’ve met someone with all the things
that has made me fall.
The way she holds me
and cuddles close.
The way she kisses me
injecting such passion.
Somehow, I know
even with all the love I can give
I cannot win her
because of the cruel way
she has been treated in the past.
It seems wounds never really heal,
but only close until the next cut.
Though I’d never hurt her
she keeps hurting herself
unconsciously she won’t let the dead love go.
I know the way she feels
for I still have the scars
of old distant loves
each one left its separate mark on my heart.
Though fools rush in
where others fear to tread
they never really learn
the words wise men have said.
I am a fool who has fallen many times
but never once was it real.
15 August 1968

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