To declare and sell…
In a written exchange,
Documented and agreed.
Does someone already sitting,
On land when others come.
Have a say at all to what happens…
When visitors make a home,
And overstay their welcome.
Can one group say which rights belong to them?
With an exclusiveness…
To pick, choose and dismiss.
And use lies and deceit,
To change the history of it!
How is authority given…
To those who claim they are great?
When time is spent in defaming slander…
To berate those they historically hate!
And why do they say they dislike Europeans?
When they are all descendents of them.
Isn’t their religious leader…
Beloved and lives in the Vatican?
Perhaps they wish to keep their ‘divisions’ blissed.
With distorted visions…
That a deluded diversed people,
Can live their lives divided and in isolation…
And actually thrive in an existence like this.

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