How to enjoy it single handed and share?
Does l that look sound and fare?
We may have brothers, sisters, mom and dad
They may share our grief and feel very sad
All stand united and back up in need
Still we long for more and need feed
The family may have natural bond
As in one circle fishes swim in pond
To see each other and move in concentration
To take care for each other and count some consideration
Valentine may be real expression of love and attachment
The real bond and love for each other to share at the moment
It is natural feeling to have come and really to be felt
How the fragrance from natural flowers is spread and smelt?
I wish the valentine to form part of life in each day
I think that is nice feeling to come in each others way
How can there be different feeling when we look towards ray
The same sun shine creating all happiness and energy even being away
This is how we feel for each on this occasion
Countless or few members may need some mention
It may not be possible to reach and embrace
Still the lovely and beautiful memory may shine our face
Has that become customary or just a formality?
It has not outlived its importance or utility
It is not the friends alone that need good will
But for brethrens across the globe to feel
I dream of those faces who needs real smile
Even though not friends but come in a thought for while
Strike with all their pale faces, plight and agony
I move with them, offer smile and wave at so many
As writer many extend wishes to me and expect same
I respect their sentiments and want to exchange it by each name
Some of them might have not have reached to me personally
I wish my sincere feeling to reach them as if conveyed orally
Let my each word touch their thoughts in mind
I shall equally feel and strive hard to find
How difficult was it to make place in their heart?
I was just an ordinary human being without any art
I wish to flow in with their sentiments
It is really nice to feel at this moment
Who knows where we may expect to meet again?
But if God willing, we may do it again and again

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