The breeze carries the fragrance
I watched the melting dew drops
Crawling caterpillar on a silky long leaf
That was swinging and dancing to the tunes
Of the nature and command of the winds
Birds were chirping with some sweet notes
Ants were busy in carrying the loads
The tenderest part of my heart
Started ballooning to fill the love
Inside my body and to transmit
The best feeling in my mind
When I suddenly saw a mosquito
My whole attention switched to it
And my eyes followed him
Like an eagle following its prey
And my body started moving
In the direction where it flew
And I reached near the bed
Where my little doll was fast asleep
This mosquito circled around
As if an airplane is measuring
The area for a perfect landing
My joy of watching it vanish
And the ballooning heart
Ready to fill the love brushed aside
And the tender part of the heart closed
Giving way to the hardest clotting of the blood
Mind signaled me to wait till
The landing and then attack
And it landed on the nose
And with its syringe like sting
Started sucking blood of my darling
I kept watching helplessly
A cry, sparked anger
And my arms with tight fingers
Ready to grab became impatient
Finally, after stomach full
It flew and sat on the wall
And my hand with a big bang
Crushed him between the wall
And the tight fingers
The blood came gushing out
And I killed the mosquito.

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