You have nothing with you as such
Yet you can deliver much
Even though in ordinary way
But that can wipe out millions of tears away
Keep your hands ready and pray
With only words meant to say
Which of the things make you rich or poor?
Even with so much of wealth you are knocking the doors
Why so much greed for wealth and attachment?
When it is not going to help at any moment
Use only two hands for everything
Ask for mercy and pray for something
Let your passage be smooth and happy
Rush in for help even if not forthcoming or ready
You have nothing on hand still you are rich
You have everything but not within reach
See the difference between rich and without reach
What else is there to observe and foolishly preach
No one has left behind any kind of rich heritage
Even if existed then there is no worth mentioning on the page
Who may go in detail and try to understand?
When we are unable to distinguish between foe and friend
You are like dry leaf of an aging tree
With one powerful blow and you are free
Fly of from beautiful branch like crest fallen
What else can fate which is normally seen?

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