The naked truth about reality
The very much essence of life and quality
In young age if someone deserts
It does have little effect of flirts
You are not matured enough to feel pulse
You always want new and something else
I was pushed in corner at sudden departure
She was no more with me to endure
All my pains and agony to be shared
We both had challenged and dared
I would ask her jokingly about death
“Who will lay the floral wreath?
What would you do in such situation?
She would feel pain urge for discontinuation
No one is immune from death or immortal
It may be natural, simple one or fatal
This fact is known to all and almost dreaded
Any advice in this regard is silently heeded
It was ample proof of our happy stay
She was in good state of health and never went away
Not a day would have passed that she not beside
I felt so much elated to find her on my side
It was pleasant to say good bye daily
It was done in a good faith to find her happily
She would glance at all the members of the family
I too would smile at her and acknowledge it gladly
I never thought end may come soon
I used to walk miles in the burning noon
With the only hope that I will have to rush
As I had seen her last in morning with brush
She will keep everything ready for next day
Ad I had forgetful nature all the way
It was her routine to make it doubly sure
I was careless about next day or future
Such happy days won’t be back again
She is not likely to come back and regain
As she was laid there motionless and dead
I could still see worry on her face and read
I felt as if she would speak something
Though she was nowhere to miss anything
I was left behind to take care of everything
She was heavenly abode for nothing
I know it is inevitable part
Every living thing has to depart
It is destiny and ruled for all
No one can escape divine call
I will not cry over her death
As I have full trust and faith
Even though she has left early
I may miss her very dearly

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