will, in a gesture to impress,
use fancy words but make a mess
of meaning, often too of spelling.
My learned friends there is no telling
how they would wipe without a guide
their seat of knowledge, called backside.
I have some molars left of course
don’t judge me, as you would a horse,
but when the reader must endure
the Latin term ‘non sequitor’
he would, like me, get a strong ache,
one likely to keep all awake,
inside his teeth, due to the flaw
that even many dumb ones saw,
there is no ‘o’ in this for sure,
it’s spelled, of course, non sequitur.
The writer, so it seems to me
is stuck inside a fallacy.
Conclusions not supported by
are like the tasty apple pie
that, eaten, cannot be for sale.
Which gives the writer a clear FAIL.

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