Left behind deep scar and sweet memory
There is no time to feel sorry
Nothing has changed not even courtyard
Where cuckoos appear in morning with sweet melodious words
The language speak of love with no specific title
But we take it granted as appropriate and suitable
I need not look at sky
Leave under uncertainty with so much feeling of shy
That lovely memory resurfaces and makes me uneasy
Even though I pretend to be active and very busy
What do I miss even today?
His elegant style of living and beautiful way
Gentle approach and mild steps forward
I was sure of not looking backward
He will storm me in peaceful manner
I will give up my way no sooner
As it has come to me after long struggle and wait
I will not attribute it only to fate
I need rest and permanent refuge
Where no one can come and refuse
I seek all seasons with equal participation
Rainbow must represent it will lovely indication
Everything changes except very good heart
That God has given to us in the form of art
You miss a person for all the times to come
Even if missed in life still you welcome
Almighty might have not wanted all this
Only we made ground for ourselves to miss
Otherwise where is compulsion to leave and feel sad?
Stormy days may not end even if we feel good or bad
It was healing touch that gave excitement
Full of joy, happiness and total commitment
What we missed actually was presence of common enemy
That was taking us away and truly making weary

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