Anytime soon.
And I know it’s me!
I say I’ve been seeking companionship.
To anyone who cares to listen.
To anyone who believes it,
I’ll even repeat.
That I wish to have my lover’s place…
Taken away,
By another…
Laying naked and waiting,
Upon ‘our’ sheets!
Where you and I would make love so good…
It left us wet.
And weakened until we slept.
‘I don’t think so! ‘
I know in my mind.
But my lips say to others…
‘I’m ready to go now.
I’m not feeling too well.
Maybe I’ve had too much…
I’m sure I will be fine.
And we can dine some other time? ‘
I’ve been looking for your replacement.
But that seems not likely to happen,
Anytime soon.
And I know it’s me!

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