She’s studying for to be a social worker and very soon she will have her degree
And you might say that she’s done it the hard way and few if any as worthy as she.
Her mother Janice so proud of her youngest daughter as proud
as any mother ought to be
And life for her has been an uphill battle since she is the babe of the Ladds family
But Genevieve is truly a survivor and ever since she left old Belgrave Town
She’s made her own way in the human jungle and it is hard to keep a good one down.
Her friend Sophie gave a party in her honour and for a friend such a nice thing to do
And Genevieve has been lucky in her friendships her friends to her have always been so true
If you give you receive much in return that’s how life works and it’s always been that way
And her friends they always give her flowers and presents and take her out to tea for her birthday.
I’ve heard that Genevieve has turned thirty and her birthday party she will long recall
And at Sophie’s house her friends they wined and dined her and a great night was had by one and all
She soon will be a fully fledged social worker and the better times for her are very near
And she has had to work hard to come this far and she now looks forward to a great career.

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