And has past its usefulness…
Is sad to witness.
Although this can be observed to be done!
There are those who still insist upon,
Their usage of depictions of stereotypical images.
With moking jokes of poked out lips.
Stretched rolling eyes.
And slow dragging steps taken,
Like a Step n’ Fetchit.
And those wishing to turn back the clock…
To relive these times,
Are those who have been suppressed the most.
But there is something of value for them,
In being subservient
They find…
That keeps them wishing to perfect,
These teased images in their minds.
It is an art they have long established,
As a cause to unite behind…
The disgraceful declining…
Some of their own kind now denounce,
As a means to uphold their begging!
And the infighting keeps them…
In a recycled recessiveness.

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