Seeing time each one eats breakfast to go fast to the
Working place, does work till evening and returns home!
Even after returning home, one has to buy things needed
For next day in time ready for use getting up in the
Morning next day to continue usual work without stop
So that salary won’t be cut at the end of each month!
Likewise, life of man become a machine to perform all
Mechanically as machine, for, filing which one is to be
Replaced by machine to do one’s work better and more
Efficiently than before to bring profit more than before!
Machine and business have made modern life unnatural for
Naturally born man to live mechanically longing tolife
Natural life so that romance and joy of long affairs ever
Can go on as was in the past to the satisfaction of all!
When will the old time of wonderful romantic life of love
Return to the world of machine man struggling to achieve
The joy of natural life of beings that tease one and all
Everyday through crows, dogs, cats, squirrels playing ever?

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