While meeting the Chinese President XI Jinping
Under Chennai connect
The background of the poem
Recreating the context in my own words
Modi by the rocks of the shore
All alone marking the sea
During the Mamallapuram Summit)
Hey sagar, tujhe pranam,
Athah, gabhir aur gambhir,
Tujhe pranam,
Tumhe aur tumhari jalrashi ko
Mera sat-sat naman,
Barambar naman
Mera, mera, hey sagar,
O ocean, deep and tranquil,
Fathomless and quiet
And immeasurable
With the waves rising high
And falling, falling down
Hiding in a great circumference
And depth with ripples
Under the sunny skies
And with bluish pearly waters,
Pearly crystal waters,
You take, take my salutation,
My salutation, O ocean,
Ocean bountiful and pure,
The source of our life,
The origin and end in you,
In you, O ocean,
Ocean, life-giving,
I just see you,
See you and watch you,
Your waves, waves coming and going,
Originating and retreating,
Rising and falling
With the ripples rippling
Over your surface
But I a spectator,
A spectator of all that,
Seeing, seeing you,
Watching you in variety
With the splendour and panorama
Of your own
So tremendous and appalling,
O ocean,
Ocean, take you,
Take you my salutation,
My salutation,
My regard,
My regard for you,
O ocean,

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