Her dearest secrets she doesn’t share with mankind she guards
her secrets with great secrecy
I see her beauty in the sunlit valley and I hear her anger in the roaring sea.
My brown Goddess her name too Mother Nature she changes her cloak a couple of times a year
She looks so brown in the bright and warm sunshine in Summer in the Southern Hemisphere
And from mid winter to Spring she dons her new cloak and she too looks very pretty in her green
Down through the years I’ve seen beautiful women but she by far the loveliest I have seen.
My white Goddess her name is Mother Nature she does look splendid in her cloak of snow
I see her brightness in the weak sun of Winter far north of here and many years ago
And in the Spring again she donned her green cloak and birds were singing on the leafy trees
And multicoloured wild flowers decked her green fields and there was warmth in her Summer breeze.
My only God her name is Mother Nature for humans and beasts and fish and birds she does provide
And with secrecy she always guard her secrets though to unlock her secrets the most intelligent have tried
She is the only God I choose to worship her beauty it surrounds me every day
Whilst many worship Gods to them invisible and in their house of worship to their God kneel and pray.

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