Then a poet in English too,
An editor of Byword,
A diplomat, a soldier, a traveller,
He is a retired colonel as well as an embassy-man,
Who had been to various parts of the world
As per his assignment.
As a poet, one of Zero Hour,1986 and Crossroads,1991,
Published from Writers Workshop, Calcutta,
He tells of his sense of beauty,
Tours and visits,
Representation of India,
Feeling fine among the European citizens,
A poet of simple love, wit, affection,
Humour, sympathy and beauty.
Narenderpal Singh as a poet speaks out clearly
What it is in his mind, in his heart,
A poet simple and humanistic,
The writer as a visitor
Visiting the world and feeling within,
The places of natural beauty and worth,
Telling about foreign cultures and climes
With an aesthetic sense of his own.
His love poems set against a foreign background
Have a beauty of their own,
With the images of foreigner girls
Saying with the folded hands strangely,
Namaste India,
Yea, the maidens and citizens
From far, across the shores
And he touring and traveling
To see and mark into.

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