Why some of the skinned people are targeted
They are in all walks of life and eminently spotted
To struggle for life is essential ingredient
No one can remain lethargic or silent
To some one it may come easily
But opportunities are available equally
Let us pray almighty for bringing us on earth
The stark reality of life is imminent death
It spares no one and protects none
Let us live the life like everyone
No one can be specially attributed to
It is not proper and equally true
Dedication and hardship has no parallel
Only people excel and come off well
Thank always to the proud origin
There is no scope for any margin
They did all sacrifices for us to bring up
They are our milestones and live hope
All races are of mixed origin and intact
This has been proved right in fact
If one feels proud of what they are
Any illusion may stay always far
White color reflects the rays
Black color absorbs and shows the ways
This is how black people are tolerant
Whites intolerant with weakness inherent
The land to which they belong is most sacred
The powerful mission is to fall in line and lead
No one can claim the belonging to the land
No one foe here and all are one and friends
When nature does not discriminate
How can we show indignation and indicate?
It can not be anybody’s fate
The fortune some times may favor late
The land belongs to us all
We are all here to respond the call
Let us not weaken the cause
With no let up in efforts or pause
Sun shines for all without favor
All flowers offer same flavor
Nature to come in time and go
We are here as human beings to forgo
We have witnessed human ghettos
We all know what was reason or motto?
Let us build race less world
Where relations are warm and not cold
We may face the annihilation
If not maintained proper relation
Not a mention in history may help
It will be merely a blot or slap
The day is not far off when world may realize the fact
The time has now come to work united and act
We are merely powerful tools in the hands of God
Let us not weaken the sprit and words of Lord

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