I do not think so, since Poemhunter chose my poem
THE FOURTH OF JULY 2018 (2) as
Member Poem Of The Day
and on that Poemhunter.com on Facebook
there was another poem chosen as Member Poem Of The Day.
I have sent that Poemhunter.com on Facebook a complaint.
Immediately I got a response
They are still handling that now.
What surprised me?
My previous poems also chosen as Member Poem Of The Day
Two poems on two different dates, they were exact the same
as on Poemhunter.com site on Facebook.com
But why that difference on The 4th of July 2018?
They are still caring and checking this problem,
this was Poemhunter.com on Facebook’s quickest response
that they are still amidst that.
Photograph taken by Sylvia Frances Chan,
title is: Member Poem Of The Day on the 4th of July 2018.
Thank you so much for understanding.

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