And the other who sees it closely
From being nearer to the campus
Where a university is set up,
The foundation stone is laid down
Or inaugurated
Or college teachers get transferred to
Or the lecturers getting promoted
To the reader rank and thereafter the professorship pull,
Pulling them departmentally,
Get the time-bound promotions
And be officers,
But all have to be professors somehow.
Generally, the new men lie in hunt
As for greener pastures,
Just with M.A. joining the department as lecturer,
Lying in wait to do the Ph.D. as soon as possible
To be a reader
Then trying all the best,
Good luck
To be a university professor,
The great conman of India as the professor,
The professor not,
But as the head of the department,
The great boss
In cheroot and overcoat
Going as a judge.
Sometimes the vacancy is made
And the reader fills in the form and applies for,
But the selection board chooses the in-service fellow
As for the acquaintance,
Sometimes a reader just for a got-up case
Moves out to other university
To return back to
And if one is in the university,
Naturally there will be scholars
To do Ph.Ds. under his supervision
As all like to oil the oiled
And have seen some youngsters turning into
Just with these,
Manipulating and manoeuvring
To be professors,
Oh, the bluff-masters
As the university professors!

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