You are pretty queen, you are our family,
You are the great power of poetic kingdom,
In this ruling empire you have motivated,
You have ruled over trillions of hearts,
Trillions of universes sing about you,
We unite with you for the world peace,
For harmony and for greatest achievement,
For transformation of this world,
To save our beloved Earth from danger,
To save our all resources from destruction,
Accepting the challenge of climate change,
We have promised to promote love and peace
Through our freedom, rights and
Selfless service and righteousness,
Promoting moral laws through poetic art,
Smart souls like us daily sing song of God,
Oh dear Poem Hunter, Pretty Queen Mother,
I am writing you a letter today!
I am your prince, the son of God, a soul
The prince of the the world peace, I am peaceful,
I am a peaceful soul, a point of light,
A part of cosmos, a light of empowered dignity,
To whom you have crowned ever with poetic beauty,
You have given the duty encouraging a lot,
I am writing you this letter of thanksgiving,
Action leads to reaction and cause to effect,
When we positively perceive our nature
And nature perceives us in same manner,
No disaster encounters us at all as we belief,
I am writing this letter of non-violence,
This letter of peace, love and integrity
I am writing in a piece of paper made up air,
Through the ink of emotion dropped through fingers
On this key board made up dark matter in space,
I am writing this letter in water of joy,
In nectar of divinity I am writing this letter,
Swimming in the waves of dancing wind,
Within fraction of second this will reach
From my machine to the vast beyond galaxy,
Up to you and up to billions of friends,
When you all might be sleeping in sweet dream,
My letter will knock the door of your tender heart,
Web Post-Man will deliver this to you soon,
Hearing the calling bell of your smart mobile phone
After waking up you will embrace this in love,
Scrolling your fingers over smart screen of web,
You will read my letter again and again,
I hope you will read this and treasure!
I am writing this letter in web-inland letter card,
In a web post card I am writing my name of love,
Enclosing this within web-postal envelope
Writing your address on the top oh dear
Victorious Empress Mother,
I am sending this letter to you,
I am, a poet of peace, writing this letter!
© Kumarmani Mahakul,04 October 2019. All rights reserved.

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