For my unforced errors which I weep
Your delicate lullaby lolls me to sleep
I am often tormented by impudent kings
My wounded soul is lifted by your wings
Tales of morals and wisdom you murmur
For accomplishing honest deeds I swear
Insulting women, aged, teachers and saints
Will take you to the hell torturing in chains
Help the poor by killing rich devil’s heart
Joyfully accept the verdict of divine court
God will powder your egos on the earth
Be aware! There is only pain in wrath
Oh, my dear, the sense of right and wrong
Embedded in your divine psyche in throng
Success without your approval is danger
Failure with your approval is a pleasure
Pains and perils are the parts of life
Oh dear, guide me in the real strife!
Copyright@ Poet,6 February 2019

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