Heartaches are collected,
Within memories devastated.
To understate this need to destruct…
Reveals a thirst,
For blood and guts!
By those mentally and morally corrupt!
Those who blindlessly march into war…
Will regret what they’ve done on innocent shores.
They will regret their ambitions,
To disguise their intentions!
No peace will come to rest on their consciousness.
No forgiveness comes to sit.
For those who willfully inflict this brand of evilness!
No one’s way of life is rewarded,
By creating strife for another’s life of blight!
It is just not the way,
God wishes His children to play in these days!
And The Almighty has already begun,
To show those He alone rules in His Kingdom!
He will insist this is ultimately understood!
And not dismissed by a display of hollow rituals.
Some believe they have this right and should!
Oh no!
God is not some mindless creation…
Depicted by those in Hollywood!

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