Tell me, my beloved
You’ll not give up on life.

Tell me you’ll hope
For a better tomorrow.

Why does everything
Have to be so difficult?

I am persistent.
I’ll not let go
Of you to die.

You are in pain.
I do understand,
So am I.

I have a wounded heart
That will never heal.
Your rejection makes
The afflictions deeper.

Give me, but one chance
To try my luck.
Give me, but one chance
To prove my worth.

I never befitted
Those whom I loved.

I feel worthless and
Your words make me
Feel lower than ever.

All I ask of you is
To let me take
My chance, my risk.

Let me prove myself once
That’s all I ask of you.

I ask for one single chance
Grant it, please do.

For at least my life’s sake
For I feel useless.

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