Whatever I do,
You find faults.

Never in my life
Have I done
One right thing.
You think so

Nothing I do ever
Satisfies your eyes
That scrutinizes me
24 hours in 7 days.

I am despicable
To you for reasons
Unknown to me.

You call me obstinate
When all I do is
Stand firm on what
I believe in.

I’d rather call
That persistence
And not obstinacy.

You loath me and
The very sight of me
Tears you apart.

You gnash your teeth
When I just walk in.

You stare at me
With enough fire of hatred
To burn me to ashes.

But this I always
Wanted to ask you.

What am I to do
To soften you
Towards this little girl?

What is it that
I have to do to
Make you not
Hate me this way?

I don’t want you to
Love me as yours.

But please cease
Seeing me as the most
Hateful of all creations.

It wouldn’t hurt
If you ignored me
And was not bent on
Seeing my utter destruction.

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