This is true not only for animals and men, but also
For all living beings as all are children of Nature!
Man has advanced by science and technology and living
In economic competition with one another sans thinking
Much about social life resulting in disparities among
Many societies of humankind in the world needing relief!
Hunger, poverty and unemployment are still affecting
Many in all world nations due to economic competition
By technology at the cost of agricultural maintenance
Ignoring natural resource recycling for profit motive!
Pollution of environment, deforestation and urbanization
Besides many other exploitative acts of greedy tycoons
Are destroying Nature resulting in climate change leading
To typhoons, heavy rains, foods and droughts everywhere!
Living in harmony with Nature only, mankind can survive
With joy, pleasure, love and peace solving all basic needs
Of the suffering people by social development programmes
Thinking about the future of mankind and our mother Earth!

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