A bag of bones! Her chest heaving high and low
In her eyes, a well of unarticulated pain
How could I pacify her or quell her fears
When both of us knew it would be
Perhaps our last meeting ever!
Longed to wipe away her aches with a caress
But my weak hands didn’t budge an inch
Knew my heart beats rising into a frenetic pitch
And an opaqueness shrouding my eyes
Did I hear the thud of glassware
Falling and cracking into a hundred shards?
I tried to camouflage my emotions
But a sudden surge of sorrow welled within
Before I could restrain, it started trickling down
How hard I tried to control the deluge of tears
Finding it in vain, I turned my face away
After moments, gaining composure
Once again I turned to her
This time our glances intertwined
And her thin lips curved into a smile
I knew it was her effort to console me
Or in that split second
Did a lifetime of our companionship
Fleet across her feeble mind
No, I could hearken to the murmur of her heart
‘Don’t worry! In the Kingdom of Light
I shall soon find a nest where I’ll wait! ‘
Her whispered words built a dam across my grief
But could break anytime with the slightest shock!

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