To bring justice to people, real leader rises to the occasion to power;
Otherwise, there is no need for him to be in power to serve people!
It is people who have to find out such a leader to power to govern nation;
People need education, knowledge and will to bring such a one to power;
That day only a nation can hope for real development in all walks of life;
Otherwise, only wrong persons will be in power to loot the wealth of nation!
Due to wrong choice of leaders in power, all suffer by monumental mismanagement;
The novice kind of leaders experiment all things to know about the way to rule;
By the time, they learn anything worthwhile, a great lot of sufferings all endure;
Politically, economically and socially all cannot have upliftment at all for long!
Unless the right leader rises to the occasion to set-right setbacks, nation
And people suffer economically and socially sans any change as in the regime of
Tuglakh who was prosperous in power, but after power, nation was in same status
Quo as in the past sans any sign of development showing nil balance of revenue!

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