It refers to both building and pupils,
Pupils sickle lesson as farmers yield through sickles.
School is an eternal institution and for all,
Child to octogenarian and nonagenarian it does call.
University is also a School people read and write,
Citizens from any corner of world have the right.
Primary, Upper primary and High Schools are there,
These are government and public schools both take care.
In a school there are class rooms and office room,
Laboratory and common rooms those do groom.
In front of school there is beautiful garden,
School building is too lovely it attracts children.
Behind school building there is ground for play,
Students play in different way, have models from clay.
School does edify the teachers and taught,
It brings lucidity, jaunt and develops thought.
There are some schools where value education is applied,
These make pupils lissome with love, truth to be replied.
Teacher should be embodiment of love and peace,
Virtuous qualities must be followed, they oughtn’t to hiss.
In school pupils do pray to God in deep,
They should be capable to erase people’s grief.

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