The people Australia’s Government do not make welcome on their behalf she works tirelessly
The wonderful Melanie Mumford few with such compassion as she.
So young yet in her early twenties such noble causes she embrace
Amongst the Rural Australians for Refugees in South Gippsland her’s is a very well known face
On behalf of asylum seekers in and out of detention she works as hard as anyone
For the poor and Stateless and unwanted the best she can do she has done.
Always sending out emails and letters to the people on her mailing list
For a fair go for dispossessed people without thought of self she persist
She dreams of a fairer Australia and her dream in life she pursue
And it can be truly said of her that to her higher self she is true.
To her friends and politicians she sends out emails and letters on behalf of the dispossessed
Poor and unwanted asylum seekers in their home Countries they were oppressed
The wonderful Melanie Mumford so compassionate lovely and young
She sows her good seeds of good karma and her praises ought to be sung.

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