I was aware of her short comings
Even though it was her best inning
She is no doubt intelligent and brave
For anything she is prepared and ready to behave
Never to loose patience and get ready
Such stand is rare but she has it already
I found myself little inferior
Even though this was made known to her prior
I never wanted any type of personality clash
But some of the ideas invaded mind and made it to flash
She knew her bonds and wanted it as reality
I was some what sore at this and about her quality
That pinched me all the time and was restless
I made it plain clear on her face
‘No, no’ you can’t do this to me
She was almost in tears but unable to flee
She stared at my eyes with almost disbelief
It was not giving her any kind of relief
‘Alright, I am ready to change completely’
To adopt ways that may be agreeable lately
I shall reform to suit your wish
As it may bring an end to talk or finish
I felt bad at her sore attitude
That was not with willingness or gratitude
It was some sort of compromise
Forceful compulsion to cause sudden demise
It is greatness on the part of female partner
To adjust or come to the terms later or sooner
They are known for patience and zero tolerance
Study in human nature shows it as full balance
Why ladies are gifted with such features?
No one can reply but it is their nature
They have an ability to withstand pressure
They consider it as devotion and measure

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