From newly harvested castor seeds,
This oil is drawn from white clouds,
Sun hiding behind cloud is colour giver,
Every ray is dispersed and reflected,
Sun’s smile makes this painting alive,
Like soul within body smiles through lips,
Weather in western sky is smiling,
Dusk is giving final touch to this.
Wild-date-palm tree is the brush,
Heart of Earth is painted by grass,
Far mountains become necklaces,
Beauty of dusk is guarded by light,
Light and shadow play here in love,
Golden ocean is veiled in fragrance.
God’s creation is full of wonder,
Wisdom is painted with eternity,
Every leaf is green signal to live,
Dusk renews and empowers us soon.
A golden sparrow’s flight is witnessed,
As sun is returning back to nest,
Next to next hope is alive with vision,
Seasonal crown is worn by lovely dusk.
© Kumarmani Mahakul,13 May 2018. All rights reserved.

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