Majority are in between.
Authority comes from the governed
Older ones claimed
They were given by their Gods
Others got lucky
And said it was destiny
The frauds through treachery.
Their rules are confined
To their Kingdoms
Under the cloak
Of humanitarian purposes
Some want to rule the world.
They cannot get enough
Become greedy
And they extend
Their territories.
They want the high blue seas
And the highest bluest blue skies
Even that beautiful line
Where the sky and earth meet.
But no one has ever heard
That they want to rule
The most coveted of them all
Where all authorities emanate
The kingdom of all kingdoms
The Kingdom of the Lord.
I am sure
The greedy, the fraud
And the treacherous
Could not even try
They will be swept away
Right away.
Copyright 2017, Rose Marie Juan- Austin, All Rights Reserved

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