That reflects an absence of appreciation,
To anyone or at anytime shown.
And becoming frustrated with impatience,
Never to overcome.
Only to complain with accusations…
Directed towards some ‘thing’ or someone.
With a point of view…
Guaranteed to deliver a headache,
To a few.
Or an ‘annointed’ unsuspecting one,
Who elects to get involved!
Believing to do so…
Is an obligation,
One fellowman has for another.
You know the kind.
Prepared to donate a lung…
When that opportunity comes.
And for those who choose this kind of sacrifice…
God bless them!
I do not lay awake at night,
Envious of Mother Teresa, Gandhi or Martin Luther King, Jr.
Or those devoted to hard headed folks.
I admire them!
I am so grateful,
God has blessed me with a different calling…
That limits my cussing to a minimum.
And some days I go cuss free.
Leaving my right eyebrow…
Relaxed from a familiar lift!
And for this…
I stay thankful.

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