The critics of course they ignore me and their type i have no cause to fear
Since i am an amateur poetaster and i do not have a literary career.
Some people are prone to addictions yet none more addictive than i
And i live just to be a poetaster and as a poetaster I’ll die
The poets have an aura about them their words assure them of renown
And i am your average poetaster in an average sort of a Town.
Some ask me and why do you bother since your verses you never can sell
And ’tis beneath the dignity of the literary critics for to criticize doggerel
My answer to them is i may be a poetaster and my better days may be long gone
But i am addicted to doggerel and i will just keep penning on.
Mine it is not a false humility since i really mean what i say
I may not be much of a wordsmith but with words i do like to play
Good writers with words are creative they use them in every different way
With age they do only grow better they never grow into decay.
Some people are prone to addictions and none more addictive than me
To doggerel i am addicted since what i pen is not poetry
I’ll never grow into a poet since I’m not skilled in the wordsmith trade
And the poets are worthy of their honours and worthy of each accolade.

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