To amuse their curiousities.
Knowing they have no idea…
The influences that structured me.
We expressed ourselves freely,
As children growing up.
My parents were quite intelligent and gifted.
And they would give us ‘signals’ when to speak…
And when to shut up!
Strong willed and opinionated,
My sisters and I were taught to be that way!
And if we had something on our minds…
Inside of us it did not stay!
Wherever the spirits of my parents are,
They have to be proud…
Of the lives we have displayed!
But I often wished,
What it would be like.
If my mother did sew up my lips…
To keep my mouth shut closed and tight!
Since she said some things,
Not to tease us.
But to strike a fear within us that would fright!
‘What did-you-say?
You better not say another thing to me, boy! ‘
Don’t tell daddy!

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