Why females are to given their due importance?
In real terms and in conformity with respect and tolerance
What we look in them while making choice?
Life with high expectation and good promises
This is what both the individuals are committed
Even if some misunderstand has to be honestly admitted
No doubt, some her beautiful features attract
We dream about it and finally put our desires to act
It is natural wish on the part of male
He would love it to be fulfilled from female
Initially he may have inclination towards her glamour and beauty
He may take full care to look after her well and consider as duty
With the passage of time there may come some change
It will be real test to come out with it and ably manage
Still ladies have higher rate of tolerance
They make it worthwhile by quality presence
Such quality is occasionally seen with male partner
Female may choose rather to die than become sinner
I would love to praise their human quality
How difficult it is to adjust with honor and nobility
It may not be the case even if they try to be honest
Life may still prove hell even if they try come out it with best
Let us be brave with our own dealing
Her presence may prove as factor for healing
We are to prove not less for this kind of devotion
Life may move on smoothly and that too with good motion

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