but something forcing me to do What
is that? Does it have any value? it has,
as of the saying as of a smoker ‘I do not
want to smoke, ‘what’s the uniqueness in it?
To save the uniqueness even in my dream
I shall ignore a Buddha when I find him. I want
to get enlightenment, nothing wrong with it
but an obstacles to achieve it, culprit is
the desire, when you get it, you fan the
fire, that way I burn myself, I don’t want
to do bad to you but that forcing me, I am
not too stupid to have the power to create that
enemy, I have a big place like the nursing bed
of understanding where this rascal does exist,
understanding the paradox I long to set the bed
of desire on fire by my thirst, to quench it, I close
the door of future, open up: ‘’I am now and here, ”
a new perspective to be happy with what is with me.

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