Offering wild blooms
And water sipped in
From the fresh stream
And offering,
Pouring jala over
The linga,
Naturally forming Shiva
Of the forest-tract
And the wind sighing by
Om namah shivay, om namah shivay, om namah shivay,
Shivay shivay shivay,
Hari om, om, om
With a murmur,
The wild-wild forest-tract elephants,
Mountainous and enormous
And huge and gigantic,
The wild elephants huge and gigantic
Just like the rocks, mountains
With the wild-wild blooms
Pink and pearly, golden yellow and glistening
And with fresh stream water,
Shivay shivay shivay,
Om namah shivay om namah shivay om namah shivay,
The wind rustling by,
Sighing by
With, om, hari om, om namah shivay,
Om namah shivay, om namah shivay
As if asking for blessing,
Seeking redemption from curse
If any human or divine.

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