Is this…
I was invited.
I had something to say that made them excited.
I am direct and to the point.
Some say my bluntness annoys.
While others believe I have an ego self annointed…
That victimizes my greatness.
And after I entertain…
No one remembers to play that blame game!
And you,
On the other hand…
Do a good job in providing ambiance!
Well done.
You and your friends,
Are splendid for these occasions!
I must leave the host a note,
To show my appreciation.
Thank you for reminding me,
Of your presence.
And why it is important!
There will always be a need for space fillers!
‘You are such a pompous a.shole!
Classless b.stard.
If you had a p.nis I’d tell you to go yourself!
You s.n o. a b.tch! ‘
Could you be more specific, please?

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