A place known around the World many miles from Erin’s shore
For it’s singers and musicians and it’s writers by the score.
Old bridge that marks the border if you could speak you’d say
How some of the boys and girls who once sat on you now live quite far away
From the Cork and Kerry border they show their years in gray
In Lands such as Britain and Australia and the U S of A.
A younger generation sit on the bridge today
But some like those before them in Sliabh Luachra will not stay
The grass always seems greener in the field beyond the hill
And the bug known as ‘lust for wander’ in some people living still.
O’er the bridge that marks the border the cars pass to and fro
And the dipper bird is silent now where the stream rapids flow
And cold January at it’s coldest and the hills shrouded in fog
And the chill winds from the northlands blow across Inches bog

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