It is full of enterprises and adventure
We can make it fully secure
We can mould it in many ways
For longer period it will not stay
We have to take precaution and care
Otherwise it will lead us no where
The black clouds will not remain for long
It may prove us sometimes wrong
We are not alone In this universe
We should not lament or shed the tears
The problems may not be of permanent nature
We must fight it out and make everything sure
The way must be cleared before it goes out of hand
The approach should be positive along with trend
As the dark shadow gets longer in the evening
The next day may witness bright morning
The pain and agony in due course may disappear
You need not worry or live under fear
We have nothing permanent at stake
On some of our methods, we need to apply brake
Life is not simple cake walk
Our Acton must speak louder than the talk
It may turn tide in seconds
The water may dry up in ponds
You may be watching it helplessly
So make it worth while and don’t spend it aimlessly
One has to act sensible and wise
It must be full of enthusiasm and promise
There has to be made some cut on the ice
Then life will be worthwhile and look very nice
Everybody may desert you at the end
Even friends may not remain as friend
You will wondering with lots of confusion
You may come out of with your wisdom and vision
Do something worthwhile and meaningful
We have come here not to act as fool
Then there won’t be any difference between us and animal
You will face lots of humiliation and dismissals
The sand can’t retain foot prints for long
The short term planning may prove wrong
You will get no more hints or warning
You only have to have good beginning
There may be no use crying over split milk
You should differentiate between cotton and silk
You aptness in handling may prove blessings In disguise
You should see the ship is at mid sea and cruise
Life still remains adventurous and full of charm
There is absolutely smooth sailing with no harm
It is to be lived with spirit and full of enthusiasm
There is no scope for withdrawal or any type of passim
Try to Love and live with all moments
It needs no arguments or comments
One has to make it worth while and beautiful
It is powerful medium or tool

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