And Johnny thinks of her tonight
Whilst she walks the streets of town.
She’s a prostitute by trade
And she has hit the lowest low,
A street walker of cheapest grade
Is his true love of times ago.
His thoughts are of when they first met
It was at a dance in Redwood Hall
That night he well remember yet
And years from now that night he will recall.
She stood there like a rose in bloom
The fairest one he’d ever seen
That night the queen of the Ballroom
Was the entrancing one Eileen.
She possessed beauty rich and rare
And her charm the attentions of men drew
With soft and sheeny nut brown hair
And large and lovely eyes of blue.
At that time he was just nineteen
The same age as the one he loved true
And Johnny truly loved Eileen
And Eileen loved young Johnny too.
Who could believe this maiden pure
Would one day live a life of shame
Would walk the streets a common whore
And bring upon herself ill fame.
Ah but she met with bad company
And they ruined this young woman’s life
And she forgot about Johnny
The man who had asked her to become his wife.
Twelve years have come and gone since then
And for Eileen life’s a sorry tale
She’s slept with far too many men
And for taking drugs has been in jail.
Again tonight she walks the street
And again she has pleasure for sale
And again tonight she hopes she’ll meet
Another depraved sex starved male
And this is how she’s going to live
Until her time it come to die
For money sex pleasure she will give
For to buy narcotic drugs her source of joy.

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