In their rural style akubra hats a breed all of their own
They still write poems of their boyhood years and the bushmen they have known.
The old bush poets of Gippsland don’t have a college degree
Their poems and songs abouth the land and bush creatures wild and free
And the bush towns and their people in song they celebrate
Their ways to some seem old ways where one stand by their mates.
The old bush poets of Gippsland each year become more rare
That ageless fellow father time of them is taking care
they are such marvellous people and life they do enjoy
And they tell such happy stories of happy times gone by.
The old bush poets of Gippsland they may look old and gray
But do not say about them they have known a better day
And though high brow poets may dismiss them as writers of doggerel
At reciting their humorous verses one might say they do well.

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