both silly and precarious.
What had been practiced
for generations,
through hand-me-down
was really just lethargy,
the inability to think
and to believe
that there could be
a simple touch of hands
that never would betray…
It all had gone,
man’s business
not in the least immune
had superseded pride,
and honoured plain convention
as all the sheep would do.
Their agile bones allowed,
and eagerly supported flex
as well as lateral stability,
and there would be, no eyes to see,
no ears to hear and,
nothing to compare,
just a scenario to share.
And it went well,
a precedent was set
and taken in the fold,
it would become what all,
the peasants and the workers
in their half-baked skills
and in their envy knew,
it would be tilting
at the giant blades of mills,
to no avail.
They would most likely choose,
and pick at once,
to keep the music out of reach,
to shatter myths
as well as lead the band
beyond its hours and
the state of high demand.
There was a salvo, although minor,
and it took,
bits of the mortar
and a splinter from the frame,
Try as they might
and as they did
’twas just a name,
new growth of piety
would settle,
leaving tracks,
they saw the truth in Al The Crow
and how he waded through the creek,
and it was all
that they required on that day.
There was a prelude,
it was soft and did play on,
then there was silence
and all molecules soon froze,
then a Tsunami came to life
and brought deluge
it was delicious just for touch
and for the nose.

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