Often has a call, wilder,
And attracted me ever, closer.
Gone are those days,
The days of slumber,
The Sun has risen above
The zenith of a loser.
Farther the horizon is
Further moves the desire,
Flatter is the life, sans love,
Its wings lack the feathers.
My words that remain unsaid,
When my boat starts to sink
Down the lane of memory
Your image starts to blink.
I know you’re gone
Beyond my fingers’ reach.
Like a river of time and space,
That flows towards the beach.
Once in life we had,
Enough of moments we lost,
Both of us then crazed
To dwell on the other coast.
One of the shores was there
Where you built one, your own,
And on the other shore
I was torn and you won.
Nobody looked at us
Nor did anyone know.
All the sands came down,
Before I’d melt that snow.
The fog of silence did
What our enemies never,
The beads of glass broke
Swept my tears to the shore.
Rains of warmth we sipped
Waves of time we bathedin,
All those pearls of dreams
Froze into a shore uneven.
We had sung so many
Such bluesongs of desire
On the same boat, to ferry
Across our Time’s shore.

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