Who to tell me about their history and tradition,
Their date of making and construction,
Their historicity and building,
How many years did they take in making?
Centuries old, old and telling of bygone times,
Age-old and dilapidating,
Falling and crumbling temples,
Broken and abandoned temples,
Lying in debris and ruins,
Broken and fallen,
Who to tell me, tell me?
The small-small temples of Chandrakona,
Hiding in history,
Earthed and hidden,
Made years and years ago,
Telling of an era gone by,
The bygone times,
The days of yore.
But the temples and haunted houses
Not so as they appear to be,
The statues of Radha and Krishna
Emerging from the terracotta rubbles and ruin,
The broken pillars and mounds of earth,
The fallen walls and pillars,
The blackly statues but made from pure gold and weighing.
Not a single one, but so many,
So many temples,
Lying fallen and deciphered,
Abandoned and haunted,
Lying in ruins and rubbles,
Unworshipped and unadorned,
The deities are not in the temples.
The Vishnu temple, the Manasha temple,
The Shitala temple, the Shiva temple,
The Bhagabati temple, the Ram-Sita temple,
The temples made from sandstone boulders,
Sculpted and chiselled,
The terracotta temples in maximum.

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