Kept inside of them hidden.
With wishes their excuses,
Feeds to others a common sense.
Shared among comrades…
Who too are convinced,
Of their respective…
There are those uncomfortable…
Living a life,
Kept inside of them hidden.
Believing others to be strickened,
With benefits.
And ‘lucky’ with talents.
Bestowed with blessed gifts.
As if God is sitting,
On a throne high in the heavens.
Selecting to pick,
Some who are special…
Over others He chooses to dismiss.
And anyone who wishes upon a star…
Knows that applied hard work,
Doesn’t guarantee…
These efforts take them very far.
What is done,
Is for the love!
And not for fortunes to fall…
Upon them from up above.
But being grateful and expressing it.
And ‘this’ some never do!

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