It is beyond anybody’s reach mostly improbable
Even thought we may have means and are capable
It has taken years and may take even more
To know exactly how much more to explore
It may yield precious things but still remain a mystery
It has long story to tell with complete history
The life is like deep sea and not totally understood
We have spent it in search of roof and food
The fight was for firm establishment and to stay on
It was illusory impression that we have sway over it and won
In fact we are where we were initially
No break through or in road is made really
We have strived hard to maintain the personal identity
To some extent we have succeeded to maintain the entity
As an intelligent human being, we are still ignorant
It was desperate search and efforts were constant
It was deeply probed to find out the exact mission
Why are we on earth with so much of confusion?
We may find some of the solutions from religious source
Something can be addressed from powerful speech force
The religious heads try to harp on fruitless drive
It is still difficult to rely upon and believe
There is only one thing for sure
No on can perfectly make you assure
What all earthly things you may carry with?
Why are we tongue tied and showing only teeth?
Probably we have come to know after years toil
Anger, frustration and worries internally boil
No further aim is seen with continuation of life
It has been understood as edged end of knife
One quietly knows that everything has to be left behind
Nothing comes along and still no peace is likely to find
It is burning desire to do something worth while
The life is continued in quest for meanwhile
Even though it was battled through various means
There were enough of losses and gains
It has satisfied lust and good part of thinking
Most of the parts have left us in dilemma and sinking
One simple truth is definitely emerged
All conflicts and interests are peacefully merged
Something has been realized from the personal experience
Life was in total disagreement with lots of variance
Time has come to wake up and realize
The soul has to be searched and obliged
The life mission is lone battle
One must pick the truth and settle

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