The dark night may not permit or allow
You may have to think twice or lie low
Every night you die to rise once again
New thoughts with energy to regain
New balance sheet is prepared for loss or gain
You traiyour guns but worries still remain
Life may not start at all
It will be end of game call
You won’t find the day light
Nothig to feel good for new sight
We are gone for ever in sleep
Life is challanging and very steep
It will be dead stuff with no beep
Must have new vision with close peep
Thank almight you are up next day
Think a fresh and find new way
Start it with new look and sustain
Completely cool and balance to retain
No one can think of coming days or years
It is frighening with full of fears
No one may side with you not even your dears
You have nothing left exceot your tears
Let your coming days not balie you
This is not proverb but gospel very true
Never to think of what may happen
Never close your bag but tools you sharpen
It mayhave tremadous effect
Your daily routine may not affect
It may prove frutiful in fact
You have to think twice and only act
Everything moves as usual
The life ordeath is just casual
The string is pulled from somewhere
We have to act only and stay here

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